Wednesday, 22 June 2011

3 more sleeps until my holiday:) attempting to pack and realising that i am trying to pack far too many clothes!! arghh.

Feeling a bit grouchy today. Nowhere near where I wanted to be fitness-wise before my holiday and I am annoyed at myself! Sort of torturing myself by looking at weheartit pics of ridiculously in-shape girls....need a personal trainer!! Also should probably stop popping into Greggs for a cheeky chicken bake after the gym haha. I'll never learn.

As for the below post....I really like the Crush but i fear the feeling is not mutual. Hmph :(


  1. How exciting about the holiday! And don't stress, honestly you look great! I also awarded you the best blog award :) check out my blog for details! x

  2. aww thank you so much Hannah Michelle that's lovely! thanks for your comment, really sweet :) hope all is well with you!x