Saturday, 11 February 2012

Ear Candy

I Heart the Weekend

Last night a group of us went out clubbing as a send-off for our lovely friend Nat who is going travelling around the world for 18 (!) months

(My bff Laura, her man Matt, & me - Laura's dress is from Lipsy London & mine is from River Island, current stock & diff colours available!)

We danced the night away, and amazingly I woke up without a hangover hurrah! It was so nice going out on a Friday night for a change as it meant I still had the whole weekend ahead of me to do as I pleased - and so, I decided to turn today into a total chillax day. Spent the best part of the day lounging around reading magazines, then this evening I whacked on a facemask, had a Champneys bubble bath, ordered far too much from the Indian takeaway and settled down on the sofa in my Lipsy tracksuit to watch Take Me Out (Damion and Francis..shocking excuse for men)
All in all, I would say it was an evening of pure bliss!

As nice as the takeaway was, it's made me realise that I really do need to get back on track with Holly's Healthkick/Operation Victoria's Secret Model. Right now, I'm on the NHS website trying to get clued up on healthy eating and nutrition before I devise a serious plan of action. I'm thinking along the lines of healthy eating Monday - Friday with regular exercise, and then a guilt-free weekend foodwise. This, combined with regular workouts should hopefully do the trick! I did the BMI Healthy Weight check on the NHS website and I am a healthy weight for my age/height but as I mentioned in a previous post, I really do want to tone up to improve my overall confidence, so changes to my diet and fitness routine are key.

Does anyone know of any good fitness blogs or youtube channels? I love Tone It Up - Katrina and Karena are great!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


As amazing as snow makes everything look, i cannot stand it. It's definitely true that the older you get, the less magical snow becomes as you start to realise the sheer chaos it causes, and how dangerous it actually is.

Last night we had a big night out planned, and thinking that the snow wasn't due until today, we got all dolled up ready for our night out and I left the house to discover it had already started snowing. Being a relatively new driver, I have never driven in snow before and I was terrified! Took is slow down the motorway and was relieved to get to my friends house in one piece! Our friend then drove us to town and as we got onto the motorway there was a car facing the WRONG way...terrifying!!

Completely inappropriately dressed for the weather, here are some pics of our night out:

We had a great night, until the snow came down too heavily and all of the taxi drivers gave up and retreated home, leaving us stranded! Walked the treacherous walk to the train station in the snow and ice...ruined my best heels and lost one of my rings in the process...ended up getting a bit emotional then having a very uncomfortable sleep on the sofa of a friends house MILES from in to my house at 4pm today after a mission back to my car, then another scary drive in the snow!!

Hope you all have happier snow stories to share!