Sunday, 5 February 2012


As amazing as snow makes everything look, i cannot stand it. It's definitely true that the older you get, the less magical snow becomes as you start to realise the sheer chaos it causes, and how dangerous it actually is.

Last night we had a big night out planned, and thinking that the snow wasn't due until today, we got all dolled up ready for our night out and I left the house to discover it had already started snowing. Being a relatively new driver, I have never driven in snow before and I was terrified! Took is slow down the motorway and was relieved to get to my friends house in one piece! Our friend then drove us to town and as we got onto the motorway there was a car facing the WRONG way...terrifying!!

Completely inappropriately dressed for the weather, here are some pics of our night out:

We had a great night, until the snow came down too heavily and all of the taxi drivers gave up and retreated home, leaving us stranded! Walked the treacherous walk to the train station in the snow and ice...ruined my best heels and lost one of my rings in the process...ended up getting a bit emotional then having a very uncomfortable sleep on the sofa of a friends house MILES from in to my house at 4pm today after a mission back to my car, then another scary drive in the snow!!

Hope you all have happier snow stories to share!


  1. everyone was getting moody round here (lancaster) cause there was no snow! i was so glad! i got to enjoy my weekend without ruining my shoes, or getting too wet!
    but then the heating broke.. so had bad luck anyway! :(
    laura xo

  2. There is nothing worse than being stranded in the snow after a night out. It happened to me years ago but thankfully some guys rescued us distressed damsels and struggled to take us all the way home, bless them they really did struggle but they managed to get up all the hills and everything.
    Great photos x

  3. love your blog- love marvin too! x milli

  4. Laura - So lucky you managed to dodge the snow! Rubbish about your heating..hope you have a onesie that you snuggled up in instead!x

    xXxStundonxXx - Ohh how lucky that some guys came to your rescue! Who says chivallry is dead?! I've totally spelt that wrong..!x

    Milli - Aww thank you! Marvin is amazing isnt he!x