Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger
Whilst I feel that my aversion to coffee in its many forms (lattes, cappucinos, americanos, no thank you) segregates me from my fellow London commuters as I am about the only person without a copy of the Metro in one hand and a Starbucks in the other, I regain my (largely female) typical London commuter status in my love for Stylist magazine.
It makes the otherwise unpleasant journey sandwiched under a random mans armpit on the tube a lot more bareable, particularly if its anything like todays issue containing an interview with the lovely Sarah Jessica Parker (love love love)
With exactly two weeks to go til the holiday with Crush, i am eager to put in an intensive two weeks of hardcore exercise in order to be ready for two weeks of living in bikinis. I have started boxercise, or at least my own version of this. I have some little girly Reebok weights which I box with to the soundtrack of the Kiss top 40. Jason Derulo - Dont Want to Go Home is a particularly good boxercising tune!! Not only is it giving my arms a nifty little work out but it is a great stress buster.
Anyone got any sure-fire tips and tricks for getting bikini fit in two weeks?! please do share!

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Debit card abuse...

This weekend I have been very naughty and been shopping both days. On the Saturday I convinced Crush to go shopping for holiday bits and pieces. Instead of buying anything he needed (t shirts, swimming shorts etc) he bought a pair of designer Police sunglasses, tut tut. They looked really hot but designer sunnies are just so expensive! On that trip I literally only bought one thing - one of those Sleek Pout Polishes (barely there, or barely nude, or whatever its called I cant remember..smells lovely!) Today I went out locally with my mum and my brothers girlfriend, and ended up spending a small fortune..
I have been after chocolate Uggs for agesss. They are one of those things i always pick up, look at longingly, then put right back down because the price tag is a joke. £160?! No thanks. These are Bearpaw, which are a really good brand and are essentially exactly the same in terms of style and quality, but £40 in TK Maxx. Love them!
The mens version of this, 1 Million, is incredible. It makes me sniff strangers on the train haha (wierdo, much?) so after about 50 times of going into Boots, spraying this onto a card, smelling it, liking it, and not buying it, i finally bought it. Not at good as the mens version but still a lovely fragrance.
These gorgeous pink straighteners I bought from the wholesale store that my hairdresser works part time at. They are professional straighteners and were..wait for it..£15!! The wholesalers literally bought so many themselves that the bulk price allows them to sell them so cheaply. I figured id get a backup pair for when my GHDs give up on life. Plus they are pink, love them!

Im backkkk

Hey there!

Computer has decided to let me log on - it still wont let me publish posts so will have to publish this via iphone but its a start!
How have you all been!?
I've had a crazy couple of weeks workwise. The football season has literally kicked off so its all go. Gary Lineker has returned to our studio, always a pleasure to have the king of Walkers crisps flitting in and out of the office :D
Soo many celeb spots as well...it literally is my new favourite hobby. The Crush also loves a good celeb spot so it's almost a competition of who can spot the more famous people. Yesterday he beat me by spotting Sienna Miller in Soho when I spotted Peter Andre in the cafe at work..his was slightly more A List!

On Saturday I was literally in celeb spotting heaven - Crush took me to Sainsburys Super Saturday in Clapham Common and we spent the day in VIP as he got the tickets through work. It was literally A-Z list heaven. As soon as i walked in, the Sugababes were to my left. The Wanted were to my right. Una from the Saturdays was right beside me. Alex Reid was beside me at the bar. The highlight for me though was...wait for it...Nanny Pat from The Only Way is Essex!!!
Larry Lamb
The relatively hot one from The Wanted
The other major update in my life.....me and the Crush booked a holiday together! We are still on 'seeing each other' terms but hopefully this holiday will seal the deal. We are off to Lanzarote to a gorgeous 5* hotel for 9 days of pure bliss
So so so so excited!

Friday, 16 September 2011

I fixed my posting issue - happy days!
Turns out Internet Explorer is crap and Mozilla Firefox is the way foreward!
The only issue im having now is that blogger won't let me upload any pictures, is anyone else having this issue?! It basically just stays on the uploading page and doesn't actually upload anything. Tres frustrating.

Hopefully posting will resume as normal once this issue has been diagnosed - cant wait to get back into blogging!

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Hello! Just FYI, I am still alive. Internet in my house has given up on life so just updating from the iPhone, pinching my neighbours connection (Its ok - the neighbour is my brother!)

Can't wait to return to blogging but who knows when this might be, got a lot to post about!

Hope you lovely ladies are all well :) x