Wednesday, 22 June 2011

3 more sleeps until my holiday:) attempting to pack and realising that i am trying to pack far too many clothes!! arghh.

Feeling a bit grouchy today. Nowhere near where I wanted to be fitness-wise before my holiday and I am annoyed at myself! Sort of torturing myself by looking at weheartit pics of ridiculously in-shape girls....need a personal trainer!! Also should probably stop popping into Greggs for a cheeky chicken bake after the gym haha. I'll never learn.

As for the below post....I really like the Crush but i fear the feeling is not mutual. Hmph :(

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Today I went shopping for holiday bits and bobs and to buy some new hair extensions.
They only had super long ones in stock and because I am impatient I went ahead and bought them anyway! Once I'd sewn all the clips on and put them in my hair I realised that they are actually ridiculously long, I look like repunzal!

This is what they look like when all of the hair is round the back

As you can see I look like a bit of a goon with super short hair around the front and long at the back so i like to pull some of it over my shoulders!
These are my holiday purchases:

From L-R...
Batiste Blonde dry shampoo: This had no lid when I bought it, annoyingly! But it was the last one. I wanted to try the coloured dry shampoo as i've read a lot of reviews, and it's a cool product. Good for helping to disguise annoying rootage!
Batiste Blush dry shampoo: I think this is the one I normally get but this can is HUGE so i figured it was more economical to buy this one!
Batiste XXL Volume dry shampoo: This hasn't really done much to make my hair mahooosive but i'll keep using it to see what volume it can help me to achieve
Skin Therapy Fragranced Face Wipes: Normally I get the fragrance free version of these but they are great, cheap and cheerful face wipes. They are 69p a pack in Wilkinsons, or buy 2 get one free, so everytime I go I stock up on them!
Herbal Essences Ignite my Colour shampoo & conditioner: I've been using this quite a lot lately, it smells good although can't see it has enhanced my coloured hair at all. I figured this would be a handy size to take on holiday. Havn't tried the conditioner so picked that up too.
Sure Fragrance Collection deodorant in 'Bright': I don't really like the smell of most female deodorant however this smells gorgeous!
Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance leave in conditioner: I am really trying to take good care of my hair so that it grows (so that I can stop buying hair extensions!!) so hopefully this product will be as good as the rest of the range!

Tis all. x

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Gone AWOL again!
Havnt really been doing a whole lot. Bit o shopping, bit o seeing Crush, bit o this and a bit o that.
I am especially chuffed about this purchase for my holiday (this time next week I will have landed in Tenerife...wooohoo!)

As you can see from my face...I am excited ha.
I picked up this factor 50+ Piz Buin sun lotion in TK Maxx for....£3! Bargain.
Suncream is so friggin expensive and I literally wouldnt go anywhere other than TK Maxx now to purchase it. Cheap as chips.
Not that I plan on wearing factor 50 for the duration of my holiday but for occasions like boat trips and days at the water park I think anything less than factor 50 would be a colossal error, considering I burnt my shoulders and chest on the first day of my first hol to Tenerife and it was cloudy and windy!
Very excited to start packing :D

Family BBQ tomorrow. It was supposed to be today and Crush was supposed to come, but due to the weather forcast being better for tomorrow my parents decided to move it to Sunday and now Crush can't come. Rubbish. Is it possible that I will miss him during my week abroad....? Hmm....

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Beautiful day!
Went for a run with my friend Crissy - turned into more a photography/feeding the ducks session

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Spending Sunday exactly how it is supposed to be spent; in bed with my cat, a cup of tea, chocolate buttons and Gossip Girl on boxset. Sigh :)

Yesterday I went to LED festival with Deadmau5 headlining

Amazingly we were put on the VIP guestlist which got us a free Deadmau5 tshirt, access to the VIP area with its own bar so less of a queue for drinks (hurrah) and best of all...access to the VIP toilets! absolute godsend at a festival. 17000 people and 20-odd portaloos is not nice. These had posh sinks and soap..yes I did say!!

The gig itself was long but awesome. We saw Zane Lowe, Calvin Harris and then the mighty Mau5 himself! His set was fantastic, and the production of it all was phenominal, never seen lights quite like it! Trying to find a video on youtube that does it justice but none do, until an official video gets posted. Unfortunately my phone decided to give up on life very early on so I have no pictures of anything.

I do however have snaps of my outfit from my date with Crush on Friday!

Top: Primark
Skirt: Topshop
Shoes: Outfit concession
(Please ignore the mess of my room!)

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are enjoying your Sunday :)

Friday, 10 June 2011

I am SO excited right now. These are the three main reasons:
1)I am seeing the Crush tonight. Always cause for excitement. I havn't had a crush this big since about four years ago, and before that it was probably Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys haha. Slightly worried that my tan is still a shade too dark for my liking but if he likes me he won't mind my carrot-esque hue im sure. In true girly fashion I have no idea what to wear and am about to overturn my wardrobe in the hope of finding something Crush-worthy to wear.

2) I am a very lucky lady and have acquired free entry and guestlist to see Deadmau5 at the LED Festival at London's Victoria Park tomorrow! Wooooohooo!

Don't know who Deadmau5 is? Head on over to youtube! He's an awesome DJ who rocks the decks wearing a massive mouse head that lights up. Pretty freaky but he is so good. Calvin Harris is another act on the lineup..not sure who else. Either way, so excited!

3)Not sure why I have left this until last as it is the most exciting news I could possibly have contract has been extended for another two years! I say *my* contract, the overall contract for my company. The partnership between the TV network that I work for and the network that we provide the shows for has been extended for another two years. We're having a full HD upgrade and it is all so exciting as everyone was unsure if we would be losing our jobs, but now this is not the case! I cannot wait to get back to work and throw myself into it all again :D

So yes, smiles for miles. Always good to have that happy Friday feeling! I hope you all have great things planned for the weekend?x

ps - hello to my new readers :)!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Went for a spray tan this afternoon - currently resembling a carrot however once the tan has developed (is it possible for it to develop any more?!) and I have showered off the excess I do hope to be left with a lovely bronzed glow. But we shall see.

Spent the afternoon on the swinging chair in my pink leopard print pyjamas under a pink fleecy rug with my dog, drinking hot chocolate and reading my book. Bliss!

Hope you are all having a lovely week...Friday tomorrow!x

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Today was a bit of a write-off in that I spent half of it in bed nursing a migraine :(
Since about 4 years ago I get them so badly, to the point where painkillers have no effect and the pain is so bad it makes me sick. 'Orrible!

When I *eventually* crawled out of bed and felt a little better I drove to the gym and got caught in a torrential downpour..thank goodness for my raincoat! Did 50 lengths in the pool today...only 17 days left til Tenerife so have got to start working out harder!

I've started a gym & food diary to monitor what I'm doing exercise-wise and to keep track of what I'm eating. This was my first entry (bare in mind even though i'm monitoring my weight i'm not embarking on this health and fitness kick to lose weight, just to get in shape)

I have a little bit of an obsession with Ritz crackers and tomato puree...I will literally sit there with the box of crackers and the tube of puree and eat one after the's like eating little mini pizzas, but healthier! This addiction stemmed from watching a beauty programme where one of the guests shared her beauty secret: eating tomato puree every day to keep your skin looking youthful. She was about 50 and looked at least 20 years younger!

Finished 'Sapphire' by Katie Price and it was exactly as I hoped it would be; lighthearted and trashy, and a gripping read! Now reading:

Spot my bookmark - a freebie sample of Clinique moisturiser!

Monday, 6 June 2011

I feel like I had a really productive day today...or at least more productive than my days have been lately!
I got up early & went to the gym - did 40 lengths of the pool alternating every few lengths between breast stroke, and using a float to rest my arms and really work my legs. I'm really aiming for overall toning but with particular attention to toning bum tum and thighs so hopefully this routine will help to achieve this!

I went to the shops with my mum in the afternoon and made a quick stop at the library, something I havn't done for years! Turned out to be a very worthwhile trip as I picked up 3 books by my favourite author Tony Parsons, as well as a Katie Price book for my light-hearted trashy reading pleasure!

Also picked up the new Cosmo magazine for the bargain price of £2!

My plan for tomorrow is to go to the gym for a run and a session on the leg press (aka amazing bum toning machine) and then off for a spray tan after that. Tired of feeling pale and as the sun has decided to go back into hiding a spray tan is the only solution!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

I am currently sitting outside the Crush's house in my car.
To an outsiders perspective, I look like an actual stalker/bunnyboiler with big dark sunglasses and a watchful eye on my rearview mirror.
The reality is far less exciting: I arrive for an evening of celebratory wine (I have had some good news which il post about at a later date) and the Crush is late home from Wembley where he has been mingling with famous folk all day in the FA Club. Half an hour late!
So to summarise, I am beyond bored and seeking my trusty blog for company.
The good news is, Crush has just called to say he is five minutes away, avec a bottle of wine.
Let's hope he arrives before the neighbours call the police on me for loitering...!

Friday, 3 June 2011

Woke up early & drove to the gym (its about 15 mins by car, i wasn't being lazy! would walk it if i could:P) for my early morning aqua aerobics class, only to arrive and be told it was cancelled! Part of me briefly contemplated turning back around and heading for my car (taking a quick detour past Greggs the bakers for a doughnut) however I chanelled my inner willpower and headed on up to the locker rooms determined to actually do some exercise.

Did 30 lengths in the pool and loved it - i've decided that swimming is definately a surefire way to get fit and toned up quicky. When I was sufficiently exhausted I headed straight for the sauna, my favourite part of the gym. It smells so chocolatey in the sauna for some reason! Yum.

Came home, showered and got ready for lunch with my friend Charlie. Managed to actually get some volume into my hair for once, which is quite an achievment.

Bet i'll never be able to recreate it!

Ended up undoing all of my hard work by ordering cheesy curly fries - total carb overload! We sat outside and the wind caught my menu so I had to chase it all the way across the pub garden - not my finest hour at all!

At home tonight dogsitting my cousins Labrador...when did my life become so damn cool?!
Hope you've all got that Friday feeling!x

Thursday, 2 June 2011

I have been a very bad girl and forsaken going swimming at the gym to stay in bed watching old episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.
What is wrong with me?!?
It's almost like I think that just thinking about going to the gym will automatically transform me into a Victoria's Secret model but alas this is not the case.

(all images in the post courtesy of - mucho gracias weheartit)

Alessandra Ambrosio is definately the most gorgeous woman in the world. Whenever I feel like reaching for a biscuit (or cake, which is what im dying to reach for right now!!) I need to remind myself that this is not the way to reach an Alessandra-esque physique!

***FYI: Not condoning unhealthy weightloss/dieting...all about eating healthily and regular exercise. Everything in moderation! :)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Currently sitting in my room with toothpaste all over my face looking mighty attractive.
Blemishes are a bloody nightmare arent they?
I am normally very lucky with my skin in that it only flares up every once in a while (or if I have been drinking, damn alcohol) although I havnt always been lucky. Far from it infact.
Between the age of 13-18 i had terrible acne. I tried every lotion and potion on the market, before going to the doctor who prescribed me with various topical treatments, none of which worked. Even going on the pill didn't seem to make my skin any better. Eventually I was put on Roaccutane, a last resort which transpired to be the miracle solution to my horrendous skin.

I have some skin questions to pose to you though:
1) Do you cleanse, tone and moisturise? Do you think this routine actually works?
2) What are the most effective skincare products that you use/have used?

Not feeling too clever today after consuming copious amounts of Rose last night!
Molly is playing nurse

Having a lazy day, but off to a yoga class tonight.
25 days and counting until we jet off to Tenerife!