Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Off out for work drinks on the Southbank

Last time I'll be seeing my team for a month - lots of wine will be consumed this evening!

Monday, 30 May 2011

Today was my last day at work :( sad times!
After work I went to watch a movie (The Hangover) at my friends house in preparation for seeing The Hangover 2 at the cinema - totally ridiculous but very amusing!

I've got some Molton Brown products that I want to review so will roadtest them during my newfound time off and keep you posted!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

I heart....Example

The first installment of my 'I heart' blogpost series, to give an insight into...well, what I love lol.
Example is probably my favourite artist.
Saw him about 4 years ago in Cambridge supporting Hadouken and thought he was great..then lo and behold he made it big!
I was lucky enough to meet him backstage last year when he came to perform at the club I worked at. I was so excited!

Watch the sun come up, Kickstarts and Won't go quietly are my favourite songs he's done.
If you've never listened to Example, you should definately head right on over to Youtube and check him out! :)

The beautiful game

Hello! Been a bit AWOL as of late..been super busy in the run up to the Champions League Final - anyone watch it?
Worked a 15 hr day yesterday as we had a breakfast chat show in the AM and then we covered the CL Final in the PM. All of that on less than 3 hours sleep as the night before I went to a pirate party!

Many a cocktail was consumed as we plundered the treasures of Oceana club.
Needless to say after dragging my hangover self out of bed for work at 6am I was pretty much good for nothing except finding Gary Linekers glasses which he somehow managed to lose in the studio.

Tomorrow is my last day at work as the football season has drawn to a close. Back in July for a summer tournament and then who knows what the future has in store for me workwise. Sad times. Tuesday is our end of season party which I cant wait for :)

Not a lot else new in Holly world..been gyming a little bit (did a Power Pump class..absolutely killed me haha) and also been spending time with someone who puts a massive smile on my face! :D

Hope you are all good and having a fab bank holiday weekend!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

No Subject

Couple more midweek days off this week..so much holiday to take!
I'm very sad as Monday is my last day of work until July as the football season is coming to an end. Freaking out slightly as I don't know whether our contract with the TV network we are at will be renewed so my stint in TV Land may also be coming to an end. Doesn't bare thinking about as i love my job far too much to suddenly not be doing it anymore!

So this is the agenda for my days off:
Gym tonight! Im on the waiting list for a Power Pump class as its fully booked but if i cant go i'm going to just use the gym and run my ass off on the treadmill until i can't physically run anymore. Jacuzzi and sauna after!

Hair cut and colour (fringe is ridiculously long, and roots are getting more prominent!) was trying to hold off on the cut and colour until a week before my hol but it's getting a bit desperado now!
Spray tan after that. Got a birthday night out on Friday night at Oceana, with a pirate theme! I've ordered a black version of this corset:

To be worn with black hotpants, black Pretty Polly suspender tights, black heels, a bandana, sword and a big ol' pirate hat. Yo ho ho and a bottle of Malibu :D
After that I'm off to visit my best friend Charlie and her little bubba Eva.

What is your favourite fancy dress theme?

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wedding bells

Some girls dream about their weddings from an early age, and know every detail of how they want their big day to be, right down the guest placecards.
I've never been one of those girls, but what I do know is that a) I don't want to get married in a church and b) i want an incredible dress!

I've been browsing Maggie Sottero dresses...some of them are incredible. I want, I want!!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Future Thoughts

Very disappointed to dicover I didn't win the 107million euromillions. boohoo!
If I had, however, these are a few purchases I would have made...

An apartment in Canada Water.

A Samoyed puppy!

Oh the fun you could have trying to spend 107million...
Been thinking about my future a lot lately. Really would like to move out..always feel a bit awkward telling people at work I still live at home! Having my own place and freedom would be so nice, but i dont think i'll be able to have that until Im in another serious relationship. Sigh...

Where would your dream home be?

Off work today woohoo!
Spent the day so far lazing around in my pjs, catching up on 90210, and doing workouts. I took the plunge and text a trainer from the gym about joining up, no reply yet but very much looking forward to getting back into gyming!

Love watching Tone it Up workouts with Katrina and Karena:

Had a lovely mixed bean and vinegerette salad for lunch!
Approx 5 weeks until I land in sunny Tenerife so really trying to get in shape before venturing out in the bikini!

What's your favourite way to stay in shape? Gym? Home workouts? DVDs? Running? x

Monday, 16 May 2011

Saturday Night at the Movies

I went on a cinema date last night (technically Sunday night at the movies, but thought id throw some Robson & Jerome in there!)

Wore a basic outfit; black top with lace back, waist belt, black leggings and my River Island sandals. Some very rushed webcam snaps...

Had a lesson in how to work the autoque equipment today at work, was really interesting to see how the scripts are all loaded in to the system and how different presenters like their scripts loaded into the autoque screen in particular ways. Had a go at scrolling the words across the screen to the pace of the autoque op Naomi reading part of the script...all very interesting! On Thursday I have a training course in television post-production and a tour of the entertainment studios which I am tres excited about. I hope some exciting celebs are in that day so I can be nosy!!

Hope you all had a fun weekend, I know it's only Monday but only four days til the next weekend :)x

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Belated Snaps

I have finally found my camera! I thought I'd lost it but it transpires I left it in the lounge and forgot it was there. Here are some old snaps.

This was supposed to be an outfit of the day post but now it is a belated outfit of the day post! This was what I wore on my 'date' with Mr News of the World.

The angle of the camera and my cardigan don't really do the dress justice, it's a really pretty dress from Jane Norman (click to view)

These were my Easter Eggs! (which I am yet to eat as I've gone into pre-holiday health kick mode)

Will be less careless with the camera next time so posts won't be so belated!

Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I am an absolute sucker for trashy chick-lit, especially when Summer rolls around. I find nothing more enjoyable than sunbathing in the garden, pimms in one hand and a trashy book in the other. Having majored in English Lit at uni and endured dull novel after dull novel (albeit some incredible novels along the way also) I sort of lost my passion for reading, so it's really refreshing to read lighthearted books like these.

I've just purchased two such books for my reading pleasure:

Jackie Collins - Married Lovers
I read her book 'Drop Dead Beautiful' last summer (perfect pool-side read) and have read various shorter stories that have come free with magazines, so was excited to see that she has a couple of new novels out. I was about to get stuck into this one when today out shopping I spotted...

Katie Price - Paradsise
Love her or hate her, she writes great trashy chick-lit. Glamour models, footballers, scandal, her books have it all. This is the third in her series about a glamour model called Angel who hooks up with a hot footballer, so as soon as I saw this in Asda for £3.95 or something stupidly cheap I had to have it! Jackie Collins has been pushed to the sidelines while I discover what Angel has been up to!

What is everyone reading this Summer?x

Monday, 9 May 2011

Fame Monster

Despite the fact that Made in Chelsea was absolutely dire....I got to be on TV for a grand total of 3 seconds!

It's no TOWIE thats for sure!

Did anyone watch it?

Dear Tan-aholics...

I have probably said this before but...LMFAO - Party Rock...What a summer song!!
Can't wait for summer partying:)

So...my question to the tanaholics out there:
What is your ultimate recommended fake tan?
I've gone off St Moriz because once it goes off, it smells horrendous and I cannot deal with that!!

So apart from that, what do you recommend?x

Thursday, 5 May 2011


is finito until the Autumn...sad times.
SO glad Lauren pushed Mark Wright in the pool, what a vile individual!

What is everyone watching at the moment?

Monday, 2 May 2011


In the aftermath of my breakup, a peculiar chain of events unfolded.
I was bizarrely and very much out of the blue asked out on a date by the chief sports correspondent for one of the uks major newspapers, who is also one of our new presenters for our show.

He picked me up in a snazzy Mercedes (the wingmirrors fold in electronically, none of this having to push them in like I have to do with my commoner Corsa haha) wearing a nice suit and a pair of Dolce & Gabanna sunglasses on his head (I had recently text him to say I was tossing up whether to spend £100 on a pair of sunnies from Guess, and he rocks up in a pair that probably cost more than my salary) and whisked me off to a restaurant in Notting Hill called Electric. We had Pimms (me) and Peroni (him). We were seated (next to Vanessa Feltz) and had leg of lamb with a bizarre stuffing, potato and broad bean salad.

I felt completely out of my depth, to say the least.
Was glad to get home and slip into my pink leopard print New Look pyjamas and curl up with the cat, but nice to know that life is full of unexpected surprises.

Hope you all had a fab bank holiday weekend. Back to work tomorrow...get those work OOTDs posted! :)


Sunday, 1 May 2011

One for your diaries

On 9th May, the TV show I was an extra in is airing on E4, called Made in Chelsea.
It has been labelled 'The Sloanley Way is Chelsea' as it is meant to be a rival show to The Only Way is Essex but with a cast of Sloane Square upper class guys and girls.

I don't think it will be anywhere near as good as The Only Way is Essex which I absolutely LOVE but it will be fun to try and spot me and my friends (or more likely the backs of our heads or something haha) in the background!