Sunday, 1 May 2011

One for your diaries

On 9th May, the TV show I was an extra in is airing on E4, called Made in Chelsea.
It has been labelled 'The Sloanley Way is Chelsea' as it is meant to be a rival show to The Only Way is Essex but with a cast of Sloane Square upper class guys and girls.

I don't think it will be anywhere near as good as The Only Way is Essex which I absolutely LOVE but it will be fun to try and spot me and my friends (or more likely the backs of our heads or something haha) in the background!


  1. they look a bit too upper class for me but will watch as i never thought i'd like towie haha! gutted it's almost finished :( x

  2. Will they do another series? Surely they will. The cast arent endearing like the TOWIE cast..anyone who says 'oh em gee' in a serious, real life conversation is annoying!

  3. I saw the advert for this the other day! I'll keep an eye out for you :)

    Emily xx