Tuesday, 10 May 2011


I am an absolute sucker for trashy chick-lit, especially when Summer rolls around. I find nothing more enjoyable than sunbathing in the garden, pimms in one hand and a trashy book in the other. Having majored in English Lit at uni and endured dull novel after dull novel (albeit some incredible novels along the way also) I sort of lost my passion for reading, so it's really refreshing to read lighthearted books like these.

I've just purchased two such books for my reading pleasure:

Jackie Collins - Married Lovers
I read her book 'Drop Dead Beautiful' last summer (perfect pool-side read) and have read various shorter stories that have come free with magazines, so was excited to see that she has a couple of new novels out. I was about to get stuck into this one when today out shopping I spotted...

Katie Price - Paradsise
Love her or hate her, she writes great trashy chick-lit. Glamour models, footballers, scandal, her books have it all. This is the third in her series about a glamour model called Angel who hooks up with a hot footballer, so as soon as I saw this in Asda for £3.95 or something stupidly cheap I had to have it! Jackie Collins has been pushed to the sidelines while I discover what Angel has been up to!

What is everyone reading this Summer?x


  1. I love Jackie Collins! Super good beach reads!

  2. I'm in need of a new book to start! I love trashy chick-lit too, let me know how they are! Emily xx