Monday, 9 May 2011

Dear Tan-aholics...

I have probably said this before but...LMFAO - Party Rock...What a summer song!!
Can't wait for summer partying:) question to the tanaholics out there:
What is your ultimate recommended fake tan?
I've gone off St Moriz because once it goes off, it smells horrendous and I cannot deal with that!!

So apart from that, what do you recommend?x


  1. I've started using an Asda one, it has such a lovely natural colour and never streaks, and its only £2.50! x

  2. my fave is St Tropez mousse! love it...more than Xen-Tan... or treat yourself to a spray tan x

  3. Every now & then Asda come out with some absolute gems dont they?! What a bargain Nikkay. What's the smell of it like, is it the trade-mark biscuit smell?x

    Emma does the St Tropez mousse streak or does it come out dark so you can see where you've applied it? x

    Thanks for your recommendations!

  4. It doesn't smell too good while wet but i find it doesn't have a smell once its dried overnight x

  5. St Tropez comes out dark, partly why i like it so much and it's never streaked on me, i use a mitt with it too x