Monday, 16 May 2011

Saturday Night at the Movies

I went on a cinema date last night (technically Sunday night at the movies, but thought id throw some Robson & Jerome in there!)

Wore a basic outfit; black top with lace back, waist belt, black leggings and my River Island sandals. Some very rushed webcam snaps...

Had a lesson in how to work the autoque equipment today at work, was really interesting to see how the scripts are all loaded in to the system and how different presenters like their scripts loaded into the autoque screen in particular ways. Had a go at scrolling the words across the screen to the pace of the autoque op Naomi reading part of the script...all very interesting! On Thursday I have a training course in television post-production and a tour of the entertainment studios which I am tres excited about. I hope some exciting celebs are in that day so I can be nosy!!

Hope you all had a fun weekend, I know it's only Monday but only four days til the next weekend :)x

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