Thursday, 27 January 2011


I actually cannot cope with this cold weather! London seems to have all of a sudden dropped in temperature and its 'orrible!

I recieved some lovely winterwear for Christmas, and amongst it were a gorgeous hat and a matching pair (?) of earmuffs! Perfect for a freezing commute to and from London :)

Mol wanted to get in the picture..

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Today I think I ate my entire body weight in food. My boss & I got invited to a catering event to sample the new corporate menu for hospitality events put on at my company. We had pomegranite punch & fresh lemonade, followed by tray after tray of delicious canapes; mini ceasar salads, cheese wrapped in courgette, honey glazed sausages, tempura prawns...followed by thai green curry and sticky rice. For dessert, lime & vodka sorbet (always a good day when its acceptable to consume vodka at work), and these amazing mini chocolate liquer mousses with strawberry pieces. A-mazing!

I was also lucky enough to be invited to a private screening of the new Morning Glory movie. As its centred around a failing tv production called Daybreak (Coincidence, much?) they feature Autoscript products in the movie. As we are work closely with Autoscript, they kindly invited us to come along to a luxury venue for complimentary beverages (never one to miss a beverage, me!) and then to watch the movie.

So flattered to be invited and included in work events. I wake up everyday and think about how lucky I am to be doing what Im doing and i never take it for granted, not for a second. Im so happy to have finally found my feet in an industry that I know I want to work in. Gotta love TV land.

Morning Glory Trailer

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Talk of the Gray-Keys comments dominated conversation at work today.
Any football fans out there? What do you make of it all?

Today I wore:

Jumper with buckle detailing around the neck: Jane Norman
Leggings - Topshop

So nice to come home to a cuddle with Mol!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Build me up, Buttercup

I'm a big fan of this Piz Buin self tanner.

It's a self tanning tinted lotion - applied like a moisturiser and sinks in very quickly. I don't find that this leaves my skin at all greasy, which I do find with other cream tanners. It is tinted with the intention of you being able to see where you have applied it, although I find the colour blends with your skin very quickly so its still hard to see where it has been applied.
One big massive thumbs up I will give this product is the smell. It smells light and lovely when it is applied, and continues to smell lovely. There is nil trace of that trademark fake tan smell. Bonus!
I apply this before bed, and then wake up with a lovely natural tint to my face. I repeat the next night if i want to look a little more tanned. I also have this in the spray version which I use to cover larger areas like my legs, but this cream is perfect for the face and neck. Thumbs up :)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Calling all Fashionistas

I recieved these beauties for Christmas:

My mum kindly tracked these down for me after I spotted my 16 (!!) year old cousin sporting these at a family party.

I'm dying to wear them, but my question is - what on earth do I wear them with? A pair of killer heels is a given, but a skirt? dress-top? shorts?

What would you wear them with?x


The title of this post effectively describes exactly how I feel right now.
I am currently holed up in my bed with my cat Molly, feeling like i've been beaten round the head with a cricket bat.

What I initially thought was a raging hangover the morning after a night of work drinks (we went for a 'few' to the bar next door, but before too long myself, one of our presenters and another colleague had managed to demolish three bottles of Rose) however copious amounts of water, hangover food and painkillers have done nothing to dull the pounding in my head, which I can only assume can be a migraine. I get these pretty regularly and they are horrendous, nothing seems to help.

So here I am, 10pm on a Saturday night, tucked up and ready to call it a night before work tomorrow. Tragic.

Currently reading:

'One Fifth Avenue' by Candace Bushell: Written by the author of Sex & The City (a book that I struggled getting into after continually making comparisons to the series). Described as 'a modern day story of old and new money, of sexual politics, real-estate theft and fortunes won and lost in a day'. Am only a chapter in but enjoying it so far!

'The Game' by Neil Strauss: One of my male colleagues enlightened me about The Game one lunchtime whilst taking a stroll in the park, Costa coffee in hand. The book depicts the journey of a man who has become the most successful pick-up artist in the world. It details how PUA's can completely manipulate social situations in order to pick up women. I bought the book to get an insight into the methods used by pickup artists, so interesting!

What are you reading?x

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Don't tell me i'm dreaming

My future husband and his band of merry hotties has done it again. LOVE this song!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Today we were broadcasting an important show with some high profile guests, so I thought i'd wear one of my smarter ensembles to the office:

I picked this up from a little boutique near where i live. The relatively short length and the cute ruffle detail help to spice up what would have otherwise been a fairly plain office dress. I bought this in white and camel also, but i love the grey one the most. I teamed it with a belt from New Look that i purchased wayy back in the day, a black drop pocket cardi (also from New Look), black tights, and a pair of black ankle boots with faux fur around the tops (again, New Look)

I have become addicted to buying officewear! Any shops you would recommend for pretty office outfits?

Thursday, 13 January 2011

After yesterday, I have learnt my lesson about going to work and making nil effort over my appearance, as shallow as this may sound.
I felt pretty rubbish when I woke up, so I didnt feel like doing much in the way of getting ready. I washed and blowdryed my hair and left it in its natural state (ie a colossal wavey mess), threw on a pair of jeans and a baggy top and some flats that i dont even like, and ventured into London.

Later that afternoon my boss and I recieved an email from the agent who looks after a number of our presenters/guests. He said he was coming in with our pundit for the evening, Martin Keown (total sweetheart!) and wanted to meet us both. I've liased with him on the phone before and he has a hot voice, so i nipped off to the dressing rooms to reapply my makeup just on the offchance that he might be as hot as he sounded on the phone.

Lets just say, I have fallen in love! Not only was he incredibly handsome, he was all suited up and I for one am a sucker for a man in a good suit. Absolutely kicking myself for not making an effort. It really is fascinating how much your appearance and the clothes you wear can have such an impact upon how you feel about yourself...

In other news, finally got hold of a pic of Willy Wonka from New Years Eve!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

It's Burlesque

Last night I went to the cinema in Leicester Sq with my favourite makeup artist Carla (speaking of which, if anyone ever needs a makeup artist for anything, Carla's your girl!)
We saw Burlesque and it was fantastically cheesy, just like I hoped it would be. I love Christina's incredible, distinctive voice so i was excited when this film came out. It made me wish I could dance, and I wanted half of the outfits to manifest themselves in my wardrobe!

If your not expecting a total feel-good cheesefest, this movie is not for you. If you are, i recommend!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

I recently treated myself to a new camera, as the one I was given for Christmas last year was dropped by a friend in a club and sadly gave up on life.
As I'm no budding photographer, I didnt necessarily go for a camera with an amazing spec...but I was drawn to the awesome front LCD screen on this badboy.

The aim is to be able to take better quality pics for my blog. Happy days.

I'll leave you with a little snapshot of my boyfriend on New Years day. We played 'Who am I?' with celebrity masks, took him a while to guess that he was 'Jedward'!

Saturday, 8 January 2011


I went to a cosy restaurant with a log fire tonight with my friend La.
We had a night of deep chats about life and the future, and classic pub food, with brownies thrown in for good measure.
I wore...

Top/dress - Lipsy - It was originally a dress that I had taken up...but they took it up too short and now I have to wear it with leggings:(
Leggings - Topshop
Cardigan - New Look
Necklace - Accessorize

Soo tired after a busy week at work, glad its the weekend!

Had my nails done today with love love them! I recieved a DIY gel nail kit for Christmas so im very excited to try it out.

I was browsing the interweb & made a spontaneous purchase on the Jane Norman website. I'd been shopping with my friend & she'd tried an identical dress on in another store, and it had looked amazing. Sadly the same could not be said for the below:

Its totally different to anything I've ever bought before so it was worth a try, but sadly it is going right back to the shop. To Jane Norman's credit, it was packaged beautifully.

What other online stores are good for buying nice dresses?

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

It feels like only yesterday that the decorations were going up for Christmas, & today they all came down again. I hate it when the decs come down, it makes all the rooms look so bare!

I didnt get around to updating much before Christmas as I was in hospital & then back to work, so here's a few pics in the run up to Xmas day...

Our dining room on Christmas day

Mistletoe in the lounge

Lazy day with my cat Molly

Our garden when it snowed

Me with my workmates Sam & George Lineker (doesn't he look uncannily like his dad?!) at the staff party (so much fun! far too much wine was consumed!!)

Me & my boyf bought each other nearly identical cards !

Im looking forward to getting back to work properly tomorrow, and back into a routine!

Sunday, 2 January 2011

We're gonna party like its...2011

Happy New Year!!

Hope 2010 treated you all well, & i hope 2011 does too :)
I saw in the new year surrounded by some of my very best friends at a Willy Wonka themed club night. I met Willy Wonka & partied til i could party no more (until my boyfriend had to physically lift me up and remove me from the dancefloor!)
What I wore...

A very old dress from New Look!
I scoured two different major shopping locations in the run up to NYE for a simple little black dress with straps, but alas, I found nothing that matched my very basic criteria so I settled for this.
This may come as a shock to some of you but I am looking forward to seeing the end of the January sales and shops returning to some form of normality, with full priced items clearly organised together on their rails and not masses of mismatched items bundled together on rails/the floor making it impossible to find anything.
Not to mention seeing the end of this craze for one shouldered dresses..that is not to say I havnt purchased one or two but I am looking forward to dresses with two straps regaining their popularity in 2011!