Wednesday, 30 March 2011

To Do List

Now that I have reached the grand old age of..ahem..23..i have suddenly felt a mad panic that my youth is slipping away rather rapidly. It feels like only yesterday that I was turning 21, and while i have accomplished some of the things i wanted to achieve (passing my driving test, graduating, etc) i feel like there are still a million and one things i want to do/see/accomplish and so on.

SO..onto the new To Do List!

I have always wanted to learn Spanish. Such a beautiful language and it will help me to communicate with my future husband Fernando Torres ;p

Ride in a Lamborghini (probably slightly more realistic than saying i want to own one!) The closest I have ever come to a supercar is riding in my friends Aston Martin, and whilst it was an awesome experience, a Lambo just looks like such a hot car!!

Own an apartment in Los Cristianos, Tenerife :)

Be the proud mummy of a Samoyed!

Obviously many more on my list but I will add to this over time. These are some of the more materialistic items on my list:P

Whats on your life to do list?

Ear Candy

Loving this song at the moment! Makes me want to party:)

Have unearthed another snap from Saturday night at Alto on the interweb

If Alto sounds like a club that might take your fancy, click here for the website.

Other clubs in London that i love and highly recommend if you haven't been:
Movida - gorgeous club, amazing music
Amika - really really good club and incredible music
Tiger Tiger - if you fancy a fun night out with good music and MUCH cheaper drinks than the aforementioned clubs!

What clubs/bars/venues do you like going to where you live?

Sunday, 27 March 2011


I spent this morning participating in a session of rock climbing (random, yes)with my bf and two of our friends. Tres fun, but so difficult! I dont know how people can climb actual rocks and cliffs, its terrifying! Probably not the best activity to indulge in with a hangover for obvious reasons.

Last night I went to a club in London called Alto with my gorgeous cousin Steph and mini Lineker where far too much Belvedere vodka and champagne was consumed.

Dress: Jane Norman (featured in Valentines post..clearly need to purchase some new outfits!)

(Ignore my hideously drunk face...trying to demonstrate the sheer epicness of the bottle of Belvedere..almost as big as me!)

Consumed far too much McDonalds today in an attempt to cure the hangover but alas I still feel horrendous. Hot date with bed and tv is definately on the cards tonight!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend :)

Friday, 25 March 2011


Really love Jane's blog: Strange & Beautiful. So good!


Absolutely shocking display of blogging activity (or lack of) recently.
"I've been busy, yadyayada"
Although it is true, I have been busy!

Took a few days off from work to crack on with my dissertation, but managed to spend most of the time doing other more enjoyable things!
One of my best friends had a baby recently, and I finally got a chance to go and visit her. She is such a little cutie!

Managed to spend some time in the garden in the sunshine with the animals

Yesterday I was invited to attend a shoot for a new show to be aired on E4 in the summer called Chelsea Girls. It will be a UK version of 'The Hills' so a sort of staged-reality type of show, also similiar to The Only Way is Essex. I got to be an extra in the show and even had a little speaking park (which will no doubt be cut, but it was fun all the same!) so look out for me in the pilot episode haha

Hope all is well with you lovely's the weekend, hurrah!

Friday, 18 March 2011


Today i tripped over a stool in front of Dwight Yorke.
Mortifying, much?!

I have nothing exciting to report. No purchases, no exciting outfits of the day, nothing. I will do better next week!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Top 10...

My top 10 songs of the moment (in no particular order)

1. JLS - Eyes Wide Shut

2. Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath

3. Adele - Someone Like You

4. Tiesto vs Diplo feat Busta Rhymes - C'mon (Catch em by Surprise)

5. Rihanna - S&M

6. Wiz Khalifa - Black & Yellow

7. Jeremiah ft 50 Cent - Down on Me

8. Usher - More

9. The Lonely Island - I Just Had Sex (probably massively inappropriate but this has me in hysterics!)

10. Rihanna ft David Guetta - Whos That Chick

What are your top 10 songs of the moment?

(All images courtesy of Google. Thank you Google)
Does anyone watch Take Me Out?
I am a massive fan of this horrendously cheesy show, and will actually forfeit a Saturday night out to spend in my pjs with a box of chocs watching Paddy McGuiness' matchmaking talents...tragic eh:P

Continuing my streak of bad television watching, I am so excited for the return of The Only Way is Essex this Sunday! ITV has truely come out with some wonderfully terrible TV this year.

Looking for a new series to watch now that i've almost run out of 90210 episodes - what do you recommend?!

Saturday, 12 March 2011

All my thoughts are with Japan.
I couldn't stop watching the news yesterday - the footage shown was truely horrific.
So hard to believe nature can be the cause of such devastation.
Very, very sad indeed.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Where's Holly?

Where on earth have I been?!
I'll give you three guesses lol.
My production manager went on holiday for the best past of last week so I had to hold the fort in her absense - busy times!
Spent the weekend in Cambridge with the boyf. I went with every intention of going on a large shopping spree but nothing really called out to me! I dont feel very inspired by the fashion at the moment. As fabulous and stylish as brogues and the like look on other people, they just dont do it for me, so I'm looking forward to a new wave of fashion to hit the shops.
I purchased some shoes...

£6 each from good ol Primark. I love their little pumps, so pretty and comfy, yet so cheap.
I also purchased a pair of white sneakers for £3, can't go wrong can you.

I always told myself that when I was earning I would buy myself something from Hollister. Im not really sure what I make of Hollister...mostly it really irritates me. Its dark, the staff wear flipflops even in the middle of winter, the clothes are ridiculously overpriced, its always so crowded, the queue for the changing room is always epic...need i go on?
However, it smells amazing, their body sprays smell wonderful, and i really love their plain collared polo shirts. So I decided to treat myself to a crisp, white one for Summer.

Plus you get a nice little bag with an incredibly fit surfer on the front;) No complains there.

The weather was so nice and sunny today.
Sat and had lunch on a bench by the Thames, watching the boats go by. Beautiful. (but freezing!)
Hope you all had a happy Monday :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I have a girlcrush on Annalynne McCord.
She is beyond stunning, always looks incredible, body to die for, and i love her character Naomi in 90210!

Since my Zumba session yesterday I have decided it is time to take action.
For a while I have been massively discontent with certain aspects of my life, and a wise manfriend of mine recently said that we need to be happy in ourselves in order to be happy in other areas of life. So I took a step back and I realised that i'm not 100 percent happy with myself. I've been taking it for granted for years that I have a fast metabolism, but day after day of gorging myself with chocolates is finally catching up with me and I can no longer get away with bars of chocolate for breakfast and no exericse.

SO...I am on a health kick. Plenty of water, green tea, fruit, vegetables, vitamin tablets, soup and exercise. I wont deprive myself of chocolate because thats no fun...all things in moderation :)

Ultimately, I want to look like this:

Whilst I will never have the face of Alessandra Ambrosio (another girl crush), I hope to one day be as toned as her!

(All images courtesy of Google. Thank you Google)