Wednesday, 30 March 2011

To Do List

Now that I have reached the grand old age of..ahem..23..i have suddenly felt a mad panic that my youth is slipping away rather rapidly. It feels like only yesterday that I was turning 21, and while i have accomplished some of the things i wanted to achieve (passing my driving test, graduating, etc) i feel like there are still a million and one things i want to do/see/accomplish and so on.

SO..onto the new To Do List!

I have always wanted to learn Spanish. Such a beautiful language and it will help me to communicate with my future husband Fernando Torres ;p

Ride in a Lamborghini (probably slightly more realistic than saying i want to own one!) The closest I have ever come to a supercar is riding in my friends Aston Martin, and whilst it was an awesome experience, a Lambo just looks like such a hot car!!

Own an apartment in Los Cristianos, Tenerife :)

Be the proud mummy of a Samoyed!

Obviously many more on my list but I will add to this over time. These are some of the more materialistic items on my list:P

Whats on your life to do list?


  1. I love Tenerife we are going back there this year. We stay on the edge of PLaya de Las Americas close to Los Cristianos. Such a lovely part xx

  2. Glad you love Tenerife too! Have you been on the whale and dolphin boats? that was the highlight of my holiday!x