Tuesday, 1 March 2011

I have a girlcrush on Annalynne McCord.
She is beyond stunning, always looks incredible, body to die for, and i love her character Naomi in 90210!

Since my Zumba session yesterday I have decided it is time to take action.
For a while I have been massively discontent with certain aspects of my life, and a wise manfriend of mine recently said that we need to be happy in ourselves in order to be happy in other areas of life. So I took a step back and I realised that i'm not 100 percent happy with myself. I've been taking it for granted for years that I have a fast metabolism, but day after day of gorging myself with chocolates is finally catching up with me and I can no longer get away with bars of chocolate for breakfast and no exericse.

SO...I am on a health kick. Plenty of water, green tea, fruit, vegetables, vitamin tablets, soup and exercise. I wont deprive myself of chocolate because thats no fun...all things in moderation :)

Ultimately, I want to look like this:

Whilst I will never have the face of Alessandra Ambrosio (another girl crush), I hope to one day be as toned as her!

(All images courtesy of Google. Thank you Google)

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