Monday, 7 March 2011

Where's Holly?

Where on earth have I been?!
I'll give you three guesses lol.
My production manager went on holiday for the best past of last week so I had to hold the fort in her absense - busy times!
Spent the weekend in Cambridge with the boyf. I went with every intention of going on a large shopping spree but nothing really called out to me! I dont feel very inspired by the fashion at the moment. As fabulous and stylish as brogues and the like look on other people, they just dont do it for me, so I'm looking forward to a new wave of fashion to hit the shops.
I purchased some shoes...

£6 each from good ol Primark. I love their little pumps, so pretty and comfy, yet so cheap.
I also purchased a pair of white sneakers for £3, can't go wrong can you.

I always told myself that when I was earning I would buy myself something from Hollister. Im not really sure what I make of Hollister...mostly it really irritates me. Its dark, the staff wear flipflops even in the middle of winter, the clothes are ridiculously overpriced, its always so crowded, the queue for the changing room is always epic...need i go on?
However, it smells amazing, their body sprays smell wonderful, and i really love their plain collared polo shirts. So I decided to treat myself to a crisp, white one for Summer.

Plus you get a nice little bag with an incredibly fit surfer on the front;) No complains there.

The weather was so nice and sunny today.
Sat and had lunch on a bench by the Thames, watching the boats go by. Beautiful. (but freezing!)
Hope you all had a happy Monday :)


  1. I brought those pumps today the ones without the studs.
    They are so comfy! xx

  2. They are super comfy arent they! x