Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The Resolutions

Despite the fact that I cannot stand New Years Eve (overpriced, overrated, forced fun with the biggest anticlimax EVER) i really enjoy making resolutions, and love the idea of a new year equaling a fresh start. Sometimes we can all do with an opportunity for a fresh start.
2011 like every other year has had its highs and lows. Breaking up with my longterm boyfriend, and then being 'broken up with' by the new guy i was seeing were two of the lowest lows. The biggest high has got to be the news we recieved on Christmas Eve that my brother had proposed to his longterm girlfriend Holly - so exciting! I also had my job contract renewed for another two years, super happy about that.
I've decided to leave all of the sad times firmly in 2011, and go into 2012 with a smile on my face because nobody has the right to make me feel sad, and there were times this year including now that i've felt sad when i dont deserve to. Im not going to go looking for Mr Right, he'll come along when the time is right. I am instead going to focus on working on a bit of inner happiness, do all the things i've always wanted to do and surround myself with the people that make me the most happy.
The Resolutions

- To run a 5k. Something i have wanted to do for a little while now. It will require a lot of time and training but well worth it in the end, something to work towards with a great sense of achievement at the end of it, and all for a great cause.
- To really try hard and work on my Spanish. When I was in Tenerife i was pretty ashamed that my friend Ricardo could speak such good English and i couldn't communicate much with him beyond 'Hola!'
- To throw myself into exercise. I know how good i feel about myself when im in shape and how rubbish i feel when im not. So definitely want to try hard to attend Zumba classes and do my 5k training. Aiming for a body like Alessandra Ambrosio...(aim high!)

I'm sure I will add to this nearer the time but that's it for now. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and have a fabulous New Year whatever you are up to :)

"Second chances don't expire until midnight" - New Years Eve (2011)

Friday, 9 December 2011

The day I met Marvin from JLS!

I'd had a heads up that JLS would be in the building so i thought at the very least i'd get to spot them but i never ever in a million years imagined that after years of fancying the pants off Marvin, that i would actually get to exchange words with him and have him HUG me!!

He's amazing!!!!!!!!!!
We went down to the cafe purely on a stalking mission, and they walked past us on their way to the dressing rooms. We hung around for a bit and then decided to head up via the dressing rooms to try and catch another glimpse. As we were walking towards the stairs, Aston and another guy came out and walked outside. I got a little bit excited and thought the rest of them must be upstairs so we kept walking and nearly full on bumped into the rest of them! Seizing my chance, i was like MARVIN..HI...I JUST WANTED TO SAY HI...then rambled an apology for being really unprofessional about talking to them at work but he was SOOOO nice, said 'no problem at all babe, really nice to meet you, what do you do here' etc chatting about my job, then talking about what they were up to (JB was standing right behind him on the phone to his mum, bless) and that they were heading out for lunch and then back in for filming Alan Carr...then we had pics taken with him and i nearly died..i couldnt even take a good pic of my friend, my hands were shaking so much. I literally didnt stop squealing with excitement the whole day. Meeting Marvin was everything i ever hoped it would be! Now i have to dispose of Rochelle and marry him myself..!! Also...he is even more handsome in person if thats even possible...swoon.