Friday, 9 December 2011

The day I met Marvin from JLS!

I'd had a heads up that JLS would be in the building so i thought at the very least i'd get to spot them but i never ever in a million years imagined that after years of fancying the pants off Marvin, that i would actually get to exchange words with him and have him HUG me!!

He's amazing!!!!!!!!!!
We went down to the cafe purely on a stalking mission, and they walked past us on their way to the dressing rooms. We hung around for a bit and then decided to head up via the dressing rooms to try and catch another glimpse. As we were walking towards the stairs, Aston and another guy came out and walked outside. I got a little bit excited and thought the rest of them must be upstairs so we kept walking and nearly full on bumped into the rest of them! Seizing my chance, i was like MARVIN..HI...I JUST WANTED TO SAY HI...then rambled an apology for being really unprofessional about talking to them at work but he was SOOOO nice, said 'no problem at all babe, really nice to meet you, what do you do here' etc chatting about my job, then talking about what they were up to (JB was standing right behind him on the phone to his mum, bless) and that they were heading out for lunch and then back in for filming Alan Carr...then we had pics taken with him and i nearly died..i couldnt even take a good pic of my friend, my hands were shaking so much. I literally didnt stop squealing with excitement the whole day. Meeting Marvin was everything i ever hoped it would be! Now i have to dispose of Rochelle and marry him myself..!! Also...he is even more handsome in person if thats even possible...swoon.

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