Sunday, 27 November 2011

I've had a fairly quiet weekend as I was ill with a sickness bug for the end of last week. It probably did me the world of good to be at home - not only because I was struggling to eat anything but so I could cry my eyes out in the comfort of my bedroom. By Saturday I was beginning to feel a little better, so my mum took me on a trip to Essex to cheer me up. I totally abused my bank balance on some wonderful new purchases (a Lipsy fur coat, winter PJs, CK Euphoria perfume -amazinggg- and various other bits and bobs) Not only that but she then took me to Brentwood to visit Minnies Boutique. If you dont watch The Only Way is Essex you probably wont have heard of Minnies but basically two of the sisters in the show have a little clothes shop (and when I say little i mean LITTLE, it is tiny) There were so many people in there you can barely move. I was lucky enough to go when Billie Faiers was working in there so I got my pic taken with her and got her to sign my cute new Minnies notebook.

She is absolutely stunning in real life! Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have seen the unedited version of this but i was makeup-less and looked horrific, so photo editing was much needed! Back to work tomorrow, kind of nervous, but annoyed that i've let this break up impact my job - it's just frustrating when everything at work reminds me of him.
Also, RIP Gary Speed..he worked on our show a couple of times and seemed a really nice guy, so sad for his family.
Hope you all had a nice weekend - and have a great week :)

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