Friday, 11 November 2011

Turn it around with another round

Thank goodness its Friday and that horrible week is over! Work is not the place to be when you are emotion-central, blubbing uncontrollably. ESPECIALLY when you work with an office full of men and have to pretend that you have a cold (very unconvincingly, i might add) Luckily most people have been fantastic and supportive, and my friends have been absolute diamonds. Also a want to thank both Emma & Abby for their lovely comments on here and on Twitter. Thats one thing I love about the blogosphere, you can find support and kind words in people youve never met, it's lovely. So I managed to only cry once today, which is a bloody good effort if i do say so myself. He text me yesterday, checking to see how I am. Rather than tell him im an absolute emotional trainwreck, i ignored him. Until this morning, when I realised that later on down the line I didn't want us to have bad feelings and didn't want him thinking im a dick for ignoring him. I also didnt want to answer his stupid question (of course im not okay, you goon) so I simply said 'i havnt meant to be rude, i just dont know what to say'. He replied and said he wants to know im ok, because he still cares about me, but said maybe not talking to him is what i want. Couldnt be further from what I want :(
Onto a less depressing topic, i thought id share some (drunken) pictures from Halloween, as i've been so slack at posting! I dressed up oh so originally as a slutty devil, whilst my more inventive friend Crissy dressed as dead minnie mouse.

I really need a new Halloween costume, i think iv recycled this corset/tutu number for the past Halloween and Christmas too! Big night out with the girls planned for tomorrow, very excited :) Who needs men when you have friends x

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