Friday, 25 November 2011

Almost three weeks, one drunken encounter & a river of tears later, i am only just finally coming to terms with the fact that ex-Crush and I are over. Its tough. Sleep has become my favourite hobby - nothing is real whilst your sleeping and for a few seconds when I wake up I can pretend i'm still happy. Until the realisation that I am alone and Crush-less hits me like a bullet. There is a huge, gaping empty Crush-shaped void in my heart that needs to heal and close before I'll ever be able to invest that much time and emotion in someone ever again. The only thing that could make this whole sorry situation a little less painful would be one or all of One Direction teleporting to my bedroom for a cuddle.
In order to ease the pain of my wounded heart, I went shopping...
Saw this purse in River Island and fell in love - gorgeous black suede & leather with pink studs. Love love love it. Who needs a man when you have shopping? And magazines, books, chocolate orange and a Molly to snuggle with..

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