Sunday, 3 April 2011


It's been a while since I have really let loose in a shopping centre, but a trip to Romford with my mum resulted in many a purchase being made!

These are my favourite purchase of the day. I never in a million years thought I would be besotted with a pair of sandals, nor did i think i would ever spend a lot of money on sandals, however i couldn't leave the shop without these in my posession!
River Island - £40

Another River Island number that I could not leave the shop without! I thought this would be perfect for work in the summer as it is very smart yet summery (and would like nice with the above sandals!)
River Island - £39.99

Now I am not much of a bag person but i adore this bag!! Again I thought it would compliment the above outfit nicely!
River Island - £36

I don't get to use my car that much as Im forever at work but when I do get to use it I like it to look pretty and girly. Saw this cute air freshner at the till so thought i'd pick it up!
River Island - £Cant remember price

Cant go wrong with plimsoles for summer
Primark - £3

I never ever normally buy anything like this but was really drawn to this pretty floral skirt. Its high waisted and with a loose fitting floaty top (like the one below) tucked in loosely it would be cute for the summer.
Primark - £8

I figured this plain yet cute scallop detailed top would come in handy for summer
Topshop - £15

I kept seeing these nude bodycon skirts in the shops but they always had a black exposed zip at the back and i just couldnt comprehend it...but managed to find this skirt (originally from Topshop) on Ebay..without the black zip! And at a fraction of the price :)
Ebay - £12

So that is my bank card officially exhausted this month, no more shopping for me until next payday!
Hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I've been working all weekend but have tomorrow off, hurrah! Will be getting my car cleaned, going for a spray tan, and attending Zumba :) Woop!


  1. the sandals are so pretty :) you can't beat a novelty car freshener haha! x

  2. I love the sandals and the bag.
    Nice blog!

    Madeline :)

  3. OMG I want that dress its so lovely plus I love those sandals they are worth that price because they are so gorgeous xx

  4. Your sandals are so so so pretty! I was looking at these on the River Island website a few weeks back, so jealous! x