Monday, 25 April 2011


Hope you have all been enjoying the lovely weather this long bank holiday weekend!

TV land stops for nothing, not even the royal wedding next Friday, so my production manager and I divided this weekend up between us; i had Friday & Saturday off and worked Sunday and today.

Friday night was alcohol fuelled - we ventured to a cocktail bar in Soho for a night of half price cocktails...

I managed to get so drunk that I tumbled to my doom down the escalator at Oxford Circus tube station, completely mutiliating my elbow, although my only concern in this time of crisis was that my bag had gone flying spilling its contents up the escalator and the only words i could utter mid-tumble were 'my vaseliiiiiiiiine!' which clearly goes to show where my priorities lay!!

Thankfully my vaseline (and more importantly my bank card, ID card, phone, rail cards) survived the fall, unlike my poor mangled elbow which was bleeding profusely and probably needed a stitch or two.

Friday was a slightly more demure affair - was meant to go to a BBQ although it got rained off, and Sunday was spent working (albeit surrounded by more chocolate than Willy Wonkas chocolate factory). Came home to a wonderful roast dinner and sadly my boyfriend and I parted ways (on very amicable terms im pleased to say) so now I am coming to terms with the fact that after four years I am now a single lady again.

In the hope of distracting myself from sad feelings, I plan to embark on a health and fitness kick so i will no doubt blog about my progress (of which there will hopefully be lots) with this.

Hope alls well with you lovely ladies


  1. aw no, i was totally amused by your priorities during your fall i wasn't expecting the comment about your new found singledom. it is such a cliche but the sad feeling will get better with time :) and you will no doubt have many admirers x

  2. Sounds like you had a fab weekend (or most of it anyway) I hope that you're okay, just enjoy yourself for a while xx

  3. Thank you both, really sweet comments:) thank goodness the Vaseline survived the fall eh, can't be sad knowing that badboy is safe and sound :p x

  4. Aw I am also very recently single after four years although not quite so amicably I'm sure! Also, I dropped my bag in Tesco the other week and spent ten minutes checking I hadn't lost any of my several thousand lipglosses I carry around with me! Priorities x