Tuesday, 12 April 2011

We're all going on a Summer holiday

Sorry for the disappearing act!
I have been making the most of the gorgeous weather and have barely been on the internet at all....except to book my Summer holiday!
I am SO so so excited. I am going back to Tenerife (toyed heavily with the idea of going to Marbella but all of the amazing deals we were looking at kept going up and up in price whilst waiting for my friend to be granted her holiday from work) so we have managed to find a pretty reasonable deal for a 4* hotel in beautiful Los Cristianos, Tenerife.
I've stayed in Los Cristianos twice before, both times at the same hotel so it will be nice to experiment with somewhere new. We are staying in an aparthotel..has anyone stayed in one before? Is it any different to staying in a regular hotel room??

A few reasons why I love Tenerife...

Glorious weather

Enormous Fernando Torres to oggle at!

Hello Kitty heaven

Gorgeous sights


Where are you off to on your summer hols?


  1. sounds fab, i've never been to tenerife! i'm off to magaluf!

    almost forgot, i awarded you the kreativ blogger award over at my blog http://cupcakesyousay.blogspot.com/ :D x

  2. eeeeek. love those photos! :) i cant wait to book somewhere!!

    i think ive stayed in an aparthotel...i reckon its just like you have somewhere to self cater n stuff but they still come in and change your towels and stuff! i duno thats what im guessing haha!! :) i love being able to cook n stuff on hols lol!! albeit like supernoodles or something lol....x

  3. Emma: You'll have a fab time in Magaluf, party central! When are you heading out there? You absolute sweetheart, thank you very very much!xxx

    Jane: Haha supernoodles on holiday, love it. I reckon you're right though, sounds like it will be a bit like that. It'll be nice to have the extra space as well as somewhere to sleep! Where are you looking to go? Marbs or somewhere else?x

  4. Yeah your room should be bigger in an aparthotel. I'm off to Turkey but I'd be happy going to anywhere with amazing weather! :)

  5. Turkey will be gorgeous...have you been before? My best friends went a couple of years ago and loved it. They indulged in some kind of mud bath!?...might be worth a try!! apparently it was really good!

  6. We are off to Tenerife too in July I cannot wait. We have been there before and out of all the places we have been (beach holidays) Tenerife is def the best.

    Have a fab time

  7. OMG I did not realise they had a hello Kitty shop? where is that?

    I know thet have a fab Zara in PLaya de Las Americas/Los Cristianos and a good Mango in PDLA.

  8. @The Bruentte - Woohoo which resort are you staying at?? The Hello Kitty shop is in Las Americas! Thanks for the heads up on where to find the good shops - cant wait to have a good browse around the resorts!xx