Sunday, 17 April 2011

Best Sunday EVER!

I was invited to go to Wembley today to watch the Stoke v Bolton match with VIP tickets to the FA Club.

We had a sit down three course meal (amazing steak!) and I was on the pundits table with Jason McAteer, Mark Clemmit, and Jim Rosenthal (you may have seen his son in Friday Night Dinner?!) and my lovely work colleague who invited me.

On the table to my right was Tom Parker from The Wanted, and right opposite me was...wait for it....Declan Donnelly (of Ant and Dec!) Ben Shepherd, Ricky Hatton (Boxer) with, drumroll....PADDY MCGUINESS!

(My colleague Jon with Paddy on the left and Jason McAteer on the right)

I was expecting to see Danny from McFly as he is a massive Bolton fan but sitting directly opposite Paddy McGuiness actually made my day, as I have mentioned before I am a HUGE fan of Take Me Out (No likey, no lighty!!) As luck would have it, Jason McAteer is BFFs with Paddy, so he called him over for a paparazzi session :D

jsjhs;kgjhdkh. Couldn't stop grinning the whole day!


  1. I'm actually beyond jealous, I love Paddy! x

  2. He is great isnt he! Very disappointed that he didnt say 'No likey no lighty' but he was very subdued because his team lost! :( x