Monday, 24 January 2011

Build me up, Buttercup

I'm a big fan of this Piz Buin self tanner.

It's a self tanning tinted lotion - applied like a moisturiser and sinks in very quickly. I don't find that this leaves my skin at all greasy, which I do find with other cream tanners. It is tinted with the intention of you being able to see where you have applied it, although I find the colour blends with your skin very quickly so its still hard to see where it has been applied.
One big massive thumbs up I will give this product is the smell. It smells light and lovely when it is applied, and continues to smell lovely. There is nil trace of that trademark fake tan smell. Bonus!
I apply this before bed, and then wake up with a lovely natural tint to my face. I repeat the next night if i want to look a little more tanned. I also have this in the spray version which I use to cover larger areas like my legs, but this cream is perfect for the face and neck. Thumbs up :)

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