Tuesday, 4 January 2011

It feels like only yesterday that the decorations were going up for Christmas, & today they all came down again. I hate it when the decs come down, it makes all the rooms look so bare!

I didnt get around to updating much before Christmas as I was in hospital & then back to work, so here's a few pics in the run up to Xmas day...

Our dining room on Christmas day

Mistletoe in the lounge

Lazy day with my cat Molly

Our garden when it snowed

Me with my workmates Sam & George Lineker (doesn't he look uncannily like his dad?!) at the staff party (so much fun! far too much wine was consumed!!)

Me & my boyf bought each other nearly identical cards !

Im looking forward to getting back to work properly tomorrow, and back into a routine!


  1. how big are those cats paws?!

  2. She cant help having fat feet:P

  3. Molly is adorable!! Love that you both got each other practically the same card- shows you must be in sync! Also wanted to say that I really like your hair!xx

  4. Aw thank you! My hair is the bain of my life lol xx