Thursday, 13 January 2011

After yesterday, I have learnt my lesson about going to work and making nil effort over my appearance, as shallow as this may sound.
I felt pretty rubbish when I woke up, so I didnt feel like doing much in the way of getting ready. I washed and blowdryed my hair and left it in its natural state (ie a colossal wavey mess), threw on a pair of jeans and a baggy top and some flats that i dont even like, and ventured into London.

Later that afternoon my boss and I recieved an email from the agent who looks after a number of our presenters/guests. He said he was coming in with our pundit for the evening, Martin Keown (total sweetheart!) and wanted to meet us both. I've liased with him on the phone before and he has a hot voice, so i nipped off to the dressing rooms to reapply my makeup just on the offchance that he might be as hot as he sounded on the phone.

Lets just say, I have fallen in love! Not only was he incredibly handsome, he was all suited up and I for one am a sucker for a man in a good suit. Absolutely kicking myself for not making an effort. It really is fascinating how much your appearance and the clothes you wear can have such an impact upon how you feel about yourself...

In other news, finally got hold of a pic of Willy Wonka from New Years Eve!

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