Tuesday, 24 May 2011

No Subject

Couple more midweek days off this week..so much holiday to take!
I'm very sad as Monday is my last day of work until July as the football season is coming to an end. Freaking out slightly as I don't know whether our contract with the TV network we are at will be renewed so my stint in TV Land may also be coming to an end. Doesn't bare thinking about as i love my job far too much to suddenly not be doing it anymore!

So this is the agenda for my days off:
Gym tonight! Im on the waiting list for a Power Pump class as its fully booked but if i cant go i'm going to just use the gym and run my ass off on the treadmill until i can't physically run anymore. Jacuzzi and sauna after!

Hair cut and colour (fringe is ridiculously long, and roots are getting more prominent!) was trying to hold off on the cut and colour until a week before my hol but it's getting a bit desperado now!
Spray tan after that. Got a birthday night out on Friday night at Oceana, with a pirate theme! I've ordered a black version of this corset:

To be worn with black hotpants, black Pretty Polly suspender tights, black heels, a bandana, sword and a big ol' pirate hat. Yo ho ho and a bottle of Malibu :D
After that I'm off to visit my best friend Charlie and her little bubba Eva.

What is your favourite fancy dress theme?

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