Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Off work today woohoo!
Spent the day so far lazing around in my pjs, catching up on 90210, and doing workouts. I took the plunge and text a trainer from the gym about joining up, no reply yet but very much looking forward to getting back into gyming!

Love watching Tone it Up workouts with Katrina and Karena:

Had a lovely mixed bean and vinegerette salad for lunch!
Approx 5 weeks until I land in sunny Tenerife so really trying to get in shape before venturing out in the bikini!

What's your favourite way to stay in shape? Gym? Home workouts? DVDs? Running? x


  1. I've been doing some of the tone it up workouts, they are good inspiration to make you want to look like them! x

  2. We go to Tenerife in 6 weeks cannot wait