Friday, 3 June 2011

Woke up early & drove to the gym (its about 15 mins by car, i wasn't being lazy! would walk it if i could:P) for my early morning aqua aerobics class, only to arrive and be told it was cancelled! Part of me briefly contemplated turning back around and heading for my car (taking a quick detour past Greggs the bakers for a doughnut) however I chanelled my inner willpower and headed on up to the locker rooms determined to actually do some exercise.

Did 30 lengths in the pool and loved it - i've decided that swimming is definately a surefire way to get fit and toned up quicky. When I was sufficiently exhausted I headed straight for the sauna, my favourite part of the gym. It smells so chocolatey in the sauna for some reason! Yum.

Came home, showered and got ready for lunch with my friend Charlie. Managed to actually get some volume into my hair for once, which is quite an achievment.

Bet i'll never be able to recreate it!

Ended up undoing all of my hard work by ordering cheesy curly fries - total carb overload! We sat outside and the wind caught my menu so I had to chase it all the way across the pub garden - not my finest hour at all!

At home tonight dogsitting my cousins Labrador...when did my life become so damn cool?!
Hope you've all got that Friday feeling!x

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