Saturday, 18 June 2011

Gone AWOL again!
Havnt really been doing a whole lot. Bit o shopping, bit o seeing Crush, bit o this and a bit o that.
I am especially chuffed about this purchase for my holiday (this time next week I will have landed in Tenerife...wooohoo!)

As you can see from my face...I am excited ha.
I picked up this factor 50+ Piz Buin sun lotion in TK Maxx for....£3! Bargain.
Suncream is so friggin expensive and I literally wouldnt go anywhere other than TK Maxx now to purchase it. Cheap as chips.
Not that I plan on wearing factor 50 for the duration of my holiday but for occasions like boat trips and days at the water park I think anything less than factor 50 would be a colossal error, considering I burnt my shoulders and chest on the first day of my first hol to Tenerife and it was cloudy and windy!
Very excited to start packing :D

Family BBQ tomorrow. It was supposed to be today and Crush was supposed to come, but due to the weather forcast being better for tomorrow my parents decided to move it to Sunday and now Crush can't come. Rubbish. Is it possible that I will miss him during my week abroad....? Hmm....

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