Saturday, 4 June 2011

I am currently sitting outside the Crush's house in my car.
To an outsiders perspective, I look like an actual stalker/bunnyboiler with big dark sunglasses and a watchful eye on my rearview mirror.
The reality is far less exciting: I arrive for an evening of celebratory wine (I have had some good news which il post about at a later date) and the Crush is late home from Wembley where he has been mingling with famous folk all day in the FA Club. Half an hour late!
So to summarise, I am beyond bored and seeking my trusty blog for company.
The good news is, Crush has just called to say he is five minutes away, avec a bottle of wine.
Let's hope he arrives before the neighbours call the police on me for loitering...!


  1. @Hannah Michelle - haha I'm glad. It definately was no fun at all, especially when the neighbours started giving me strange looks!x