Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Today I went shopping for holiday bits and bobs and to buy some new hair extensions.
They only had super long ones in stock and because I am impatient I went ahead and bought them anyway! Once I'd sewn all the clips on and put them in my hair I realised that they are actually ridiculously long, I look like repunzal!

This is what they look like when all of the hair is round the back

As you can see I look like a bit of a goon with super short hair around the front and long at the back so i like to pull some of it over my shoulders!
These are my holiday purchases:

From L-R...
Batiste Blonde dry shampoo: This had no lid when I bought it, annoyingly! But it was the last one. I wanted to try the coloured dry shampoo as i've read a lot of reviews, and it's a cool product. Good for helping to disguise annoying rootage!
Batiste Blush dry shampoo: I think this is the one I normally get but this can is HUGE so i figured it was more economical to buy this one!
Batiste XXL Volume dry shampoo: This hasn't really done much to make my hair mahooosive but i'll keep using it to see what volume it can help me to achieve
Skin Therapy Fragranced Face Wipes: Normally I get the fragrance free version of these but they are great, cheap and cheerful face wipes. They are 69p a pack in Wilkinsons, or buy 2 get one free, so everytime I go I stock up on them!
Herbal Essences Ignite my Colour shampoo & conditioner: I've been using this quite a lot lately, it smells good although can't see it has enhanced my coloured hair at all. I figured this would be a handy size to take on holiday. Havn't tried the conditioner so picked that up too.
Sure Fragrance Collection deodorant in 'Bright': I don't really like the smell of most female deodorant however this smells gorgeous!
Aussie Miracle Hair Insurance leave in conditioner: I am really trying to take good care of my hair so that it grows (so that I can stop buying hair extensions!!) so hopefully this product will be as good as the rest of the range!

Tis all. x

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