Sunday, 18 September 2011

Debit card abuse...

This weekend I have been very naughty and been shopping both days. On the Saturday I convinced Crush to go shopping for holiday bits and pieces. Instead of buying anything he needed (t shirts, swimming shorts etc) he bought a pair of designer Police sunglasses, tut tut. They looked really hot but designer sunnies are just so expensive! On that trip I literally only bought one thing - one of those Sleek Pout Polishes (barely there, or barely nude, or whatever its called I cant remember..smells lovely!) Today I went out locally with my mum and my brothers girlfriend, and ended up spending a small fortune..
I have been after chocolate Uggs for agesss. They are one of those things i always pick up, look at longingly, then put right back down because the price tag is a joke. £160?! No thanks. These are Bearpaw, which are a really good brand and are essentially exactly the same in terms of style and quality, but £40 in TK Maxx. Love them!
The mens version of this, 1 Million, is incredible. It makes me sniff strangers on the train haha (wierdo, much?) so after about 50 times of going into Boots, spraying this onto a card, smelling it, liking it, and not buying it, i finally bought it. Not at good as the mens version but still a lovely fragrance.
These gorgeous pink straighteners I bought from the wholesale store that my hairdresser works part time at. They are professional straighteners and were..wait for it..£15!! The wholesalers literally bought so many themselves that the bulk price allows them to sell them so cheaply. I figured id get a backup pair for when my GHDs give up on life. Plus they are pink, love them!

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