Sunday, 3 July 2011

My holiday! (Potentially long post...)

Hola...i'm backkkkkk!

Tenerife was an absolute dream of a holiday, currently feeling my usual post-holiday depression and wishing I was back there...

So we flew out on Saturday morning and arrived at Tenerife Sur airport at about 3:30 in the afternoon. The flight was about 4hrs 25 but seemed to take ages because we were so impatient to get there! Arrived to glorious sunshine and heat, took our transfer coach to the hotel, arrived at our gorgeous hotel (Hotel Paradise Park, highly recommend!) only to be told that there was a burst pipe and we would need to stay one night at a different hotel. We were feeling pretty agitated because we wanted to be at this hotel, and even more annoyed when they called us a cab to a hotel down the road which is the ugliest hotel in the resort but also a 3* with a rubbish pool so we were downgraded, not happy! The room was fine but the pool was not nice at all. We made the best of it though and went out for a lovely dinner at a restaurant called Charlotte's (best garlic prawns and chocolate cake on the island...8.95euros for three courses, cant go wrong!) and it was right on the seafront.

The next day we got up early for breakfast and then headed over to Paradise Park. They were really apologetic for the night at the other hotel and upgraded us to all inclusive for free! Happy days. As much alcohol as we wanted and breakfast lunch and dinner at the hotel if we wanted to. The downside was that our room wasnt ready so we had to put our suitcases in storeage and go and lay by the pool all day (what a hardship lol) We eventually got to our apartment at 4pm and they had given us a massive fruit bowl and champagne to compensate. They really couldnt do enough for us, the staff were so lovely.
The pools were AMAZING. There were 5 to choose from...

The natural pool, set in a gorgeous rocky setting with heated water! Adults only too, bonus of no screaming kids! ([picture stolen from the website)

The rooftop pool...this one was awesome, it has a rooftop jacuzzi too and a whole sundeck to sunbathe on, also adults only, amazing view of Los Cristianos (picture also stolen from the website)

This was our favourite as its an infinity pool which falls down into another pool! It had three jacuzzis built into it too...gorgeous. We spent most of our time by this pool :)
On the third day we went parasailing!! Absolutely incredible. It was 35euros per person to do a tandem parasail. We were picked up at the beach in Las Americas in a speed boat, and then taken out to sea to the parasailing boat. No pictures of this yet as they are on my friends camera but will upload some soon! We were harnessed up and then lifted up into the air, dunked in the sea, and then lifted right up high above the sea. It looks so scary but was actually the most relaxing and theraputic experience because its so calm up in the sky! When we landed they dunked us in the sea again and then the spanish boat men got me involved reeling in the parasail, and trying to throw me in the sea! The speed boat came to pick us up and the driver let my friend drive it, and again tried to throw me in the sea! I dont know why but i must have given off the vibe that im scared so they loved to wind me up!
We chilled by the pool the next day and in the evening we met up with my Spanish friend Ricardo who I met two years ago in Los Cristianos. He was a waiter at the bar my parents and I went to a lot and on our last night he chased me down the road asking me if I had facebook lol, and we've been in touch ever since (with the help of Google translate!) He picked us up and took us to a gorgeous bar called Buddha bar with outside marquees, sofas and sheesha pipes, and the most delicious cocktails. He then took us to a Reggai bar with more delicious cocktails.

On the Thursday we had a very action packed day.
We got picked up at 10 to go to Siam Park, the most awesome water park EVER. Here are some videos...
Tower of Power - scariest/highest water slide that takes you through a shark tank!
Wave Machine - amazing!!! Its huge and scary but so much fun!
The Dragon - your in a rubber ring and thrown full pelt down a tube in pitch black that eventually opens out onto this ENORMOUS bowl where you are thrown high speed up each side of it!
Really couldn't recommend Siam Park enough, definately google it, its awesome!
There is also a 'lazy river' where you sit in a solo or two person rubber ring and just float along slow moving rapids, which eventually take you through a tunnel through the shark tank! Amazing.
That night we went on a Mayhem bar crawl (which we got TOTALLY ripped off for..if you go to Las Americas resort do NOT trust reps who say that it is the best deal on the island because the bars you go to dont even charge you entry anyway and other bars do way better deals!!) We got very very drunk and ended up meeting two lovely Norwegian girls and partied the night away.
On Friday which was our last day we went on a whale and dolphin boat trip. I've been on the trip before on the same boat and it was incredible. Its a 5 hr trip with lunch included and the boat takes you out to see the Pilot whales, then all along the coast before stopping for lunch in a cove by Los Gigantes which are some of the highest sea cliffs in Europe. It is truely breath taking and i dont think any of my pictures do it justice.

Home now in not so sunny England...back at work tomorrow, very excited to be going back:) Saw the Crush last night, he took me for a walk in a gorgeous park in north London, then I stayed at his and we went shopping today (where I helped him to pick out clothes..he's definately onto a winner haha)

Sorry for the long post - hope you are all well! I've missed blogging:)


  1. This post makes me so excited for my holiday in August! Your holiday sounds and looks amazing, nice to hear you had a good time even if you did have to deal with the first hotel. Haha, suppose it was worth it in the end though x

  2. I am glad you had such a great time.

    We fly to Tenerife on Friday and we are definitely going to Siam Park x

  3. Where are you off to Tess? Hope you have a fab time! Ah it was definately worth it despite the initial blip!x

    Lisa - so glad your going to Siam Park it really is the most awesome day out. Wear your factor 50+ suncream! Definately worth getting a locker for 3euros so you can leave all your stuff while you go on the rides. SO jealous that you are going there - is it Los Cristianos you are staying in?x

  4. Hi

    No we are staying in Playa de las americas but the Los Cristianos end. We are right on the edge of las americas by the fountain that lights up to music. Did you go there?
    You know the lazy river is it very deep and does it get deeper in different parts?

    Thanks xx

  5. Oh yes I know exactly where you mean, yep I went there. The lazy river isnt very deep, id say it comes up to your can walk through the water. i dont think it ever gets deep enough that you cant touch the bottom x

  6. Thanks for the info it sounds great.
    I was worried the fountain may have gone because we both liked it but obviously its still there.