Friday, 8 July 2011

So yesterday the Crush came for dinner. Here is the menu I ended up cooking:

Prawn Mornay - mash potato piped around the edge of a dish, filled with prawns, covered in a cheese sauce (cornflour, milk, butter, salt & pepper, cheese) and then sprinkled with cheese on the top and grilled til golden

Main Course:
Organic Sirloin Steak - seasoned with lots of salt and pepper and studded with garlic, fried in garlic oil and garlic butter
Served with roasted rosemary new potatoes, shallots, garlic and roasted red pepper, all drizzled with and cooked in Truffle oil
Also served with fresh asparagus drizzled with Truffle oil and garlic sauteed spinach
I scattered mozerella pearls over the veg to make it look pretty!

Creme Brulee
Strawberries dipped in chocolate

I do believe it went well! Aside from slightly overcooking his steak and nearly setting the kitchen on fire numerous times, and having three attempts at the cheese sauce for the starter, it all came together well and tasted very good if i do say so myself!

They say food is the key to a mans heart so we shall have to wait and see whether chanelling Nigella has had any impact on how he feels...!


  1. ~Sounds gorgeous! I would of loved to have seen pics of the meals all cooked & presented.
    I hope it goes well for you, you would of won me over with that delicious food! x

  2. Thank you! Argh I know - by the time i'd served it all up I was in such a rush to get it into the dining room to feed the poor guy that I totally forgot to take pictures! Silly me. xx