Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Need Nigella on speed-dial...

Ladies, I have a dilemma.
On Thursday I have, in a momentary loss of sanity, invited the Crush over for dinner, where I have promised to cook. Trouble is, I can't cook. Unless beans on toast counts, which I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

So I need to enlist the help of you ladies who CAN cook so that you can advise me of a recipe to cook that will knock his socks off because he is a Gordon Ramsey in the making. Literally he is such a good cook. Even if I cant outcook him at the very least I dont want to poison him.

So I'm thinking some kind of steak because fellas love steak...but I want to make it really garlicy and buttery because he loves anything garlicy and buttery...but what to go with it? Some of kind salad and some kind of potatoes?!


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