Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Over-priced things that I...well, I want them!

There are certain things in life which, lets face it, are not remotely worth the extortionate price tags that brands like to put on them. Despite this, I am a sucker for and still would buy certain things that fall into this category.
1. Chocolate Ugg boots - I've always wanted a pair of Uggs. Hell, even my ex BOYFRIEND had a pair!! In what world is that fair?!
2. A Onepiece. As so adorably endorsed by One Direction of X Factor 'fame' (before Nintendo DS snapped them up) - i can imagine many a cosy night in watching movies and eating junk food ( not refer back to previous healthkick post) wearing one of these badboys. Particularly if your other half had one too. His and hers Onepiece...amazing!
3. Juicy Couture handbags - I'm not even a huge fan of the Juicy Couture brand. I just really.want.this.bag.!!


  1. ugg boots are DEFINITELY worth the extortionate price tag!! seriously, despite the amount of people slagging them off (was once one of them -ashamed face-) they are SO warm and comfortable and leaving the house at 6:30am in the hideous winter stopped me from falling in the snow or getting frostbite. serious ugg love!


  2. get the onpiece, thought they were called onsie ? :)
    please check out my blog :D I have followed you aswell :) x

  3. They do look super warm Emma - which ones do you have? So many to choose from these days!x

    Thats funny you should say that Paris, I thought they were called Onesies too but these were from a site called Onepiece. Pretty blog - no button to follow you though?? Might just be because my computer is rubbish and doesn't display pages properly!x

  4. I have the tall sand and chocolate ones, you can sometimes get them at Costco (authentic too, crazy!) or student discount at office! x