Thursday, 12 August 2010

Train Ramble #1

The first of many Train Rambles!
So i've been commuting to London for the best part of two weeks now, and no two journeys are the same. At the start of the week a girl sat opposite me on the overground train, and I watched her (under the guise of reading my book) root around in her bag, pull out a large pile of rubbish (tissues, paper, and even an empty box of biscuits) and then proceed to lean forward and just throw them under the seat of the train! I was shocked..literally to the right of her there was a bin between the train seats. Yet she chose to throw it under the seat. Shocking. Ironically all the way to work on the underground the tannoy kept announcing 'Please take your litter with you'...shame the message didnt get through to her!

On the journey home the same day, I had a complete palava of a journey. Some rude individual shouldered me out of the way and took the last available space in an already overcrowded tube carriage, so I had to wait for the next train. In a way this was a good thing, because I ended up standing next to where the most gorgeous guy (aka Train Hunk) was sitting. He was very Fernando Torres-esque with amazing puppy dog eyes. He kept looking up and I was too shy to make eye contact. The tannoy then announced that the train we were on wouldnt be going all the way through to its termination point, at which point Train Hunk got up to leave. Damnit. In true stalker fashion I noted that he must get on at one of three stations...if I ever spy him on the train again I will know that its fate haha. Its a crazy feeling knowing you will probably never see someone like that again out of all the thousands of commuters in London. sigh.

Anyway, I was then evacuated off the tube train due to an intense smell of burning. By this point I knew I would be late and miss my overground train so I was fairly irritated. When I eventually got to the overground platform every train was delayed anyway because there had been a police chase in a nearby town that resulted in someone getting hit by a train. Drama!

The joys of commuting! Do share your commute stories, I'd be intrigued to read them

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