Friday, 13 August 2010

In's & Outs #1


Swedish House Mafia - One
This song gets my heart going the way only an epic clubbing song can! When Tiesto played this at Victoria Park this Summer...amazingggg!

Absolutely loving my new job working in TV production, not to mention the celebspotting! Love the feeling that I'm actually doing something worthwhile with my time is great, and of course payday!

Hot Officewear
I have come to appreciate how amazing officewear can be, and I'm trying to take inspiration from everywhere. Office outfits of the day potentially soon to come?!

So good for de-stressing, and such a good feeling knowing your keeping fit and healthy. Thinspiration at its best!


British Summer
So many people I know are raving it up in Ibiza this Summer, and I'm stuck here having a standard British the rain!! I miss the White Isle :(

Early Mornings

No thankyou! Especially as it's getting bed doesn't seem to want to let me leave in the mornings!


  1. I'm stuck in britain too :( all my friends are on hols at the mo! bummer :/ wish the sun would come out for a bit :) xx

  2. Thank goodness for fake tan & pretty products to get us through the sunless Summer, eh Fern:) x