Saturday, 14 August 2010

iPhone 4: To buy, or not to buy?

{image courtesy of Google}

It's quite the beauty isn't it?

For so long now I've been torn between getting on board with the Blackberry Hype or joining the iPhone masses, and after careful deliberation I have decided upon the iPhone for the following reasons:
1) Commuting; iPhone is far more interactive, with games and clearer, more userfriendly internet, which would be ideal for my train journeys to London (although it will distract me from people-watching!)
2) Music; Although I have an iPod, it would be annoying having to lug two lots of technology around with me all day when I can just carry one multifunctional device that allows me to communicate with the world and shut myself off to the sounds of music should I choose to do so!

I think the Blackberry is definately better as a work phone, but the iPhone overall will probably be better suited to moi. Not to mention I can get a pink case for it..hurrah.

If you own an iPhone/Blackberry or know someone who does, I'd be interested to hear some pros/cons to aid my purchase decision!

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