Sunday, 8 August 2010

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This little beauty is a godsend.
I suffer from extremely dry lips...extremely.
As a result of this, I can't indulge in the wonders of lipstick because lipstick on dry lips just looks, well, awful.

However, little miracles like this Nivea Velvet Rose lipbalm are saviours for girls like me. This is by no means a new product, but there should definately be more new products like this available on the market. It is an extremely moisturising lipbalm (I worship at the alter of Nivea's original lipbalm, the blue one) and this delivers much the same results with the added bonus of being tinted a pretty rosey pink. The colouring is very subtle, but regardless it is colour! So I can treat my lips to a splash of pink without emphasising the dryness.
Nivea, please develop this in more colours :)

Are there any other brands out there that offer products like this in other colours?

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