Sunday, 8 August 2010

Bonjour :)

So I did the unthinkable. I passed my driving test & I got myself a job, all in the space of one week! I also bought a lottery ticket thinking I was on a roll. I had the first number that was called and got ridiculously excited, and then proceeded to have no more win some you lose some

I never thought I'd see the day I passed my driving test. Six severe attacks of nerves later and the pink driving license is finally mine! I told the boyfriend I failed and embarked on my first solo drive to his house in Badboy (my Corsa), parked outside and called him to come out and 'help me with my bags'. The look on his face to see me sitting in the driving seat unaccompanied = priceless:)

As for the job, I can only pin down how I managed to get so lucky as an instance of fate. Accompanying my mum to visit some newborn cocker spaniel puppies, the husband of puppy owner comes home and general chit chat ensues. "So what do you do?" "Im a student..just finishing my masters..applying for jobs and getting absolutely nowhere.." I thought nothing of this, until the following week a phonecall from husband of puppy owner reveals a once in a lifetime job opportunity for me to work in production for one of the UKs major television channels. Thankyou, universe.

And so, I set off to London (much to the delight of my mum -"London is the place to be, Holly"- and completed my first week as a working girl in the city. Loving it! Although not loving the commute, up at 7am and home at 8pm, if im lucky. People watching on train does however provide me with some level of entertainment, and no doubt this blog will encapsulate the bewildering sights I encounter on my commute in the form of Train Rambles, in amongst any other beauty/fashion/general ranting I choose to unleash upon the blogosphere.

Happy reading :)

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