Friday, 20 August 2010

Celebwatch #2

So I was at work, getting dinner in the Studio Cafe as we had an evening show. Me and my friend Rich were at the counter...when a lady walks passed accompanied by two people either side. Immediately I recognise her, and Rich turns to me and says:
"Was that...?"
"Yeh I'm sure it was..."
"Whoopee Goldberg?!"
None other than Sister Acts' own Whoopeee Goldberg walks past!
We then sat outside (a glass window separates the inside cafe seating to the outside) and Rich points out 'there's Alan Carr' so I look in through the window, midway through eating jelly, spoon to mouth, and my jaw drops. Then even more embarassingly, Alan Carr LAUGHS at me being gobsmacked by him. What a day!

Work drinks to I am relatively tipsy right now.
Have a fun weekend!

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