Saturday, 7 January 2012

TV just got good...

This weekend saw the return of my ALL TIME favourite show (besides TOWIE)...Take Me Out!!

Friggin LOVE Take Me Out...i will gladly forfeit a night out to stay in with a takeaway in my pjs with Paddy and his cheesy lines :D

Another show i'm all over is this years Celebrity Big Brother. Loving the 'celeb' lineup...playmate twins, Kirk from TOWIE, Romeo, a whole host of hot girls (which one will Kirk end up with!?) and the most vile male on the planet..Frankie Cockozza.

Honestly..the girls in CBB could not be more gorgeous. I have major hair, figure, and face envy. Particularly over the gorgeous Georgia Salpa who could not be any hotter!!!

How unfair is it to look like this?!

Anyone else watching CBB this year?


  1. I love Take me out too and Georgia is just stunning her figure is amazing xx

  2. Soo good isnt it! Ahh yes she is stunning...more gorgeous than Kim Kardashian i think!x