Sunday, 1 January 2012

Hello 2012!

Happy New Year blogosphere! I spent NYE in the company of my cousin in London, clubbing & then trotting (painfully, in heels) around the city watching party goers getting up to mischief, and befriending policemen.

1. My cousin Steph & I
2. My NYE dress (Lipsy London, £40 -i think?!)
3. Molly on New Years Eve...she hates it as much as i do
4. Molly on New Years day - She picked the movie

Hope 2012 brings wonderful things your way :)


  1. Love the dress you wore for NYE!

  2. Thank you Charlotte! Its new in to Lipsy so its still on the website & in the shops :) xx

  3. Hiya Holly :)
    Happy New Year
    Thnxx for your comment, I see you met Marvin from JLS super lucky! He's gorgeous, Rochelle is very lucky your right. I'm following your gorgeous blog *Mwahh xx

  4. Thanks Kemi! I can't get enough of your blog, love it!x

  5. Love your dress for NYE. Hope you had a good night :-)

  6. Thank you Lindsay! Hope you did too :) x