Saturday, 21 January 2012

Girl on the platforms smile...

I love the advert with the guy serenading the girl on the train platform...TOO cute.
I'd give anything for a romantic encounter like this, but sadly i think my mind has been warped by TV and film and moments like this dont actually exist (has the breakup really turned me this cynical!?)

So i have a rotten cold, currently home alone downing several glasses of Cosmopolitan in an attempt to distract myself from sneezing. I literally cannot wait to look in the mirror and not immediately be drawn to the fact my nose gives Rudolf a run for his be able to actually see a point in wearing makeup again because right now there is no point!! Erghhh. On the plus side, I had Paddy McGuiness and Take Me Out for company.

I then attempted my new Ministry of Sound dance workout DVD, which from the segments I have tried so far, I think I will love! Especially when I am back to full health and able to fully throw myself into it. Spent the day walking the dogs over the lakes, and then a quick trip to Halfords for a new battery for my car, which refused to start yesterday conveniently when I needed to drive to meet friends for Thai dinner.

Slightly dissappointed that we had Kelly Brooks hot man on our show today and I wasn't working...gutted!

Watching Notting Hill now, woohoo!
Hope you are all having a good weekend :)

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