Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentines Day..and a work outfit

Happy belated Valentines :)
Hope you all had a lovely day, however you spent it.
I know Valentines isn't everyones cup of tea, and the older I get the more I realise that it really is a very commercialised occasion, but nevertheless a good excuse to get dolled up and go out for dinner!

My man met me in the lobby at work and presented me with a single red rose, bless him.
We headed off to Gaucho in Bank, and i absolutely wholeheartedly cant praise it enough, and highly recommend it for a special occasion (although not if you are a vegetarian, as it is primarily a steakhouse!)
We were greeted at the door by friendly and welcoming staff who took our coats, and led us to the bar where we had Mojitos and spicey nuts.

Apologies for the dark photos...it was very dimly lit (atmospheric!)
What I did love (and find bizarre at the same time) was that they bring round a board of raw steak and go through with you the different cuts of steak on the menu before ordering. Very often I order steak and know nothing about what i'm ordering, so it was nice to have it explained by someone in the know! They also talk you through what wines would go best with your meal. Granted it is a very expensive restaurant and not somewhere i would frequent regularly, but I really do believe in this case you get what you pay for. The service was impeccable, the atmosphere was romantic, it smelled amazing (scented candles ahoy) and on the way out they gave us strawberries dipped in chocolate! Nom.
I wore...

A little red, rouched Jane Norman number (exactly the same as the black dress from the previous post, but red!)

Now onto something a little more reserved, a work outfit of the day:

Blouse: Primark - £10
Necklace: Accessorize - £10
Ring: Miss Selfridge sale - £2


  1. Is that blouse new? Because if it is i'm going on the hunt for it, its gorgeous

  2. I literally bought it a week ago so its definately current stock! :)

    I cant comment on your posts for some reason..wanted to ask if you'd tried that Cocoa Butter Vaseline yet?!

  3. Oh really i'll check my settings. I'm still new to all this. Yes I have. Its definitely my favourite one!