Saturday, 26 February 2011

Tonight after work I went to see my friend Seans band Mavricks at a small venue in Highbury and Islington. They were so good! Daniel Beddingfield put in a guest appearance as he is friends with the DJ in the band, and got on stage to perform with Sean. We all met up after and went for drinks in the pub.
Nice bloke but tells the worst jokes ever!


  1. I saw Daniel Bedingfield at Butlins once (ha!)...he came on stage and started beat boxing and was like "i bet no one is as good as me!" and some guy came up and just completely anhilated him! was hilarious, can imagine he's a bit of a loser...although a nice loser at that :P

    Lovely blog by the way!

    Emma x

  2. HAHA..brilliant, I can totally imagine him doing that! I took some videos of him on my phone beatboxing in the pub, he clearly loves it! This story has thoroughly amused me:P

    Aw thankyou Emma:) x