Sunday, 20 February 2011

House Tour

I thought i'd do a little twist on popular 'Room Tour' blog posts and do a little 'House Tour'. Not that my house is remotely exciting but it is home, and I love it. I lived away for four years whilst I was at uni, so coming home and adjusting to living under my parents roof was bizarre and initially difficult as I was so used to my freedom, but my parents have been great and really accomodated for my return :)

I'll start with the bathroom, as after my bedroom, it is the room in my house that I spent the most amount of time in. Not necessarily because im massively vain, but because in the few hours of the day that I am actually at home, i am either getting ready for work in the bathroom or sleeping!

My mum wanted a beachy/seaside/sailor-esque theme to the bathroom, so it is very blue, with a lot of seaside references.

The dressing table - where the magic happens!
Jewellery in the middle boxes, hairbrushes in the jar to the left, makeup brushes, various products and potions in the tray to the right, cotton wool, then another box of products and potions on the left. Above that, necklaces, and above that, perfumes.

Due to the accumulation of my hair styling tools, my parents decided to turn the bathroom a little bit salon-esque, with hooks and a cool twisty hairdryer holder.
See if you can spy my terrapin, Mr T, over on the right! Maybe he's camera shy ;p

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